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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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giants outfielder is being suspended for 50 games. he tested positive for testosterone in violation of major league baseball joint drug prevention and treatment program. the suspension is effective immediately. this information just coming down we'll continue to follow the story for you in this newscast throughout the day. turning to other top story now this is a new program that's called deferred action and it can grant applicants a 2-year work permit which could stop the deportation of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants. we want to show you what the line looks like. that is a long line and check out the situation in chicago. these aerial images showing you that huge line growing there. immigration officials expect more than 1 million people to
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submit applications. and there is strong reaction to that new immigration policy in several bay area counties with a look at the situation here at home we're going to go now to ktvutara. >> reporter: young immigrants are meeting on the steps of great cathedral right now. as you can see behind me and they were very emotional in letting the public know how this announcement has lifted a clouds off of their life here. they say they are celebrating the implantation of president's deferred action policy. deferred action temporary relief to undocumented students valid for 2 years which can be renewed. now to be eligible there are various requirements including you must have come to the u.s. before you were 16, be in school and law abiding person. emanuel came here from the philippines with his parents when he was 13 years old and said he lived in fear and shame for the past 11 years. >> i always had excuses and
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lies about myself. for me one of the hardest torments of being undocumented was hiding my status. i was afraid of people finding out about it. >> this will help us, especially me, get a better job, get a better future, provide a better future for my kids. >> now, the group is also urging governor jerry brown to sign the trust act which prevents local governments for detaining people for deportation. they say the act is a step in the right direction now they need to take it a step further and continue their fight here in america. live from san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thanks tara we have some key details about this program, to qualify undocumented immigrants must be under 30 years old. they must have arrived here before the age of 16 and have lived here for 5 years. they must also have a high school diploma or served in the military and they cannot have a criminal record. well dozens of people who fit that description were lined up
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outside the cafeteria office in san jose to sign up for the new program. organizers say it is an opportunity that many have been waiting for for years. >> they've been hoping for this for many years. when they were kids, babies and i guess this is the only country that they love. some of them have given another language where of their own country. >> more than 500 people are expected at that location today. and you can go to to learn more about the new immigration program. there's also link to government web site which has the forms just click on web links. and this is a special day for hundreds of bay area people who just became u.s. citizensless than 2 hours ago. you'll see that story in just about 14 minutes. state officials are investigating the death of a baby in operating room. the independent general says it comes after the core minor says a labor endeucing drug without a doctor's authorization.
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core minor also said a fetal monitor was removed 45 minutes before the baby's delivery. hospital officials say the baby was born march 3rd with a faint heartbeat and died 45 minutes after being delivered. new information of the deadly shooting of 5-year-old boy in front of his family's taco truck in oakland back in december. 5-year-old gabrielle was shot. police just released surveillance video of what they think was the getaway car. a 2006-2009 silver heavily malibu. police released a sketch of the gunman. he's described african-american in his 20s and about 6 feet tall. the woman is also african- american and in her early 20s. police are asking for your help to find a missing woman who is in medical condition. he was reported missing yesterday. after leaving home without telling her family where she was going. her family said she left home before in an attempt to be more
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independent. she's 4-foot 7 and about 80- pound. anyone who sees her is asked to call police. who is the latest, where two wild fires are being closer -- close to being fully contained. almost 8,000 acres has burned near the intersection of highway 20 and 53 and into nearby pa loose saw county. last updates the fires are now 70% contained. they say that's great progress and they are hoping to have the fire fully contained by monday. so far 3 buildings have been destroyed including two homes. two other buildings are also damaged six firefighters have suffered minor injuries. federal investigators have released new photos of the damage caused by refinery in richmond. the safety board says two of its team members using respiratory equipment got within 10 feet they say it's not safe to enclosure because last week's fire damage overhead steel beams. investigators say they're residual hydrocarbons a that site they did plan on
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discussing that issue with chevron today. >> they will describe to us a plan for cutting off the hydrocarbons we hope to deploy out of there, making the area safe and then over the next few weeks safely removing that pipe. >> meantime federal investigators say they're reviewing chevron surveillance video. shows giant vapor clouds minutes before the fire. the report shows that idling chevron's fire truck may have ignited that vapor cloud. ctvu workers often work in dangerous situations what happens when something goes wrong. the utility company says it plans for with it drills like one we saw this morning new at noon paul chambers was there for the drill and tells us it actually caught a lot of people by surprise, paul. >> good afternoon, all the people inside that knew about it was higher management. they're the only ones everyone else like you said by surprise. actually right now officials are still here on the scene, but if we can swing up here you
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can see major rescue missions like this and happened all the time what it did today they planned a mannequin high up in that generating unit. the simulation was that a contractor was up there worker and became ill from heat excaution. they were over come and collapsed they were discovered by an operator on around we responded with a fire department department. cocoa fire department also took part in the drill. you can see they came with their gear, trucks and all equipment needed to take part in the rescue drill. firefighters had to climb 95 feet up the side to finally get the map kin. drills like this one that are extreme rines for employees and fire officials that way each side is familiar with working tot and there's the lay out and operations of the plant so if something really does happen everyone is prepared. >> we're currently over 12 hyundais since our last
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reportedble injury. personal commitment by the entire team. >> now in today's events fire officials weren't able to carry the simulated victim down they had to strap it to the basket before bringing it down safely. fire officials are inside the briefing about this to see what went wrong or where they can improve. live at antioch paul chambers ktvu channel 2 news. a big rig carrying a crane hit a pedestrian this morning. that accident happened on westbound interstate 80 on ramp all around 8:37 this morning. let's take you for a live look right now. you can see the accident has closed two lanes of westbound traffic chopper 2 overhead at this hour. now the crash knocks concrete loose from the overcraws craft and set it on to the roadway. they're still cleaning it up out there, no reports of any entered as you can see, traffic looks to be moving just fine through that area. well, dmv predicts the next few days will be busier than
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normal. computer problem with a state router caused massive delay at offices across california yesterday. system was backed up after several hours but state workers now have to catch up on a backlog of restead called appointments. the public is being asked to go to dmv web site as an alternative. nurses say county's computerized health care system for county jails may be putting lives in danger. the times report the system recommended a potentially fatal dose of a west county jail inmate heart medication last week. fortunately the nurse was familiar with the inmate's medical history so that dose was never administered. it's just one of number of medical errors they have reported since jail facilities switched to that system july 1 july 1st. it's all had an attack on the younger people. >> why protesters are mixed in with students today as classes resume at a troubled bay area
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college. and you can finally expect relief from the heat inland. more specifics on your neighborhood. also we'll tell you how this happened, one plane ending up on top of another. q
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san francisco police are investigating a roll over crash that closed a major street this morning. that crash was first reported around 6:30 and witnesses tell police a woman involved got into a yellow cab and took off. no major injuries reported police later interviewed that cab driver. there's no word if anyone was cited or arrested. a rare cite at international airport when two planes collided. now fortunately they were on the ground when this happened. a gold stream private jet was being towed by a tub you can when it broke loose and collided with a privately owned beach craft crop plane. no one was aboard the aircraft at the time of the collision. authorities say they have made what they believe to be the largest drug bust in the history of central valley. the district attorney released this picture what he says is just part of the 330 pounds.
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street value of $9 million. the county drug task force arrested 11 people. well ktvu news first reported at 10:00 a man was violently mugged in san francisco and it was all caught on video. it happened about 9:30 monday night. the victim says a man asked him for directions and then repeatedly punched him and kicked him before stealing his wallet, which did have his paycheck in it. a neighbor reported this video of that crime in progress. and police are hoping this video will help catch the man's attacker. san francisco police are looking for three reported sexual assaults. 200,000 people parked last weekend for that 3 day concert. officers tell us 3 women believe they may have drugged and then later assaulted. investigator say it doesn't appear the cases are related because they happened in different locations an the descriptions of the attackers are different. police the testing are and are now awaiting their results.
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san francisco city are upset about the latest to school and others across the country. this morning 10:00 a.m. protest against the administration for putting the school's accreditation into jeopardy. the problems are mostly due to funding cuts but they now have 7 months to fix administrative and financial problems. if it loses accreditation, the college would surely lose students. >> so you've thought about possibly having a transfer to another school? >> yeah, it's -- it's going to be kind of hard. i think the only school that i can go to is in oakland. but i don't want to have that commute every day. >> colleges need accreditation to accept federal financial aid, provide transferable credit. other bay area community colleges giving warnings are those in san jose. >> president barack obama was back on the campaign trail in iowa today. he appeared at a rally this
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morning. you can see there michelle was at his side. it is one of the first of two stops of mr. obama in iowa the state where he's been campaigning heavily. >> mitt romney public event scheduled for today. in an interview this morning he accused mr. obama of running a campaign based on division, attack and hatred. romney said he believes the president will do anything to hang on to power. well, new poll shows that 90 million americans who could vote won't bother to this november. a vast majority were in favor of president obama but they gave u.s.a. today surveyiers a numb ore of reasons why they wouldn't bother to cast their ballots, among them they are too busy, their vote doesn't matter. nothing ever gets done any way. they aren't too ex-- they aren't too excited about either candidate. a gay former boy scout
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scout leader is getting his job back. former coworkers delivered what they said was 80,000 petition signatures they dropped them off at council office in sacramento. he's the director of council did not offer him any hope of getting his job back. >> there's left this council is going to do when it comes to over turning the policy even after 80,000 signatures i guess i'm going to need 80,000 more to really get the message across. >> he's going to continue to work to try to get the golden empire council to over turn the scout's policy of not having gay leaders. well, more than 1200 people became american citizens this morning in oakland. >> you are looking at fair ways that took place at the paramount theater.
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video presentation celebrated immigration history. two young writers shared their essay from a creative writing contest called celebrate america. the past few days, almost the past week we've been talking about triple digit heat across parts of the bay area. finally as advertised there is some relief out there we still have some patchy fog. in fact that's the source of cool down you can see beginning to clear up over parts of the east bay and berkeley area but still left over patches right now the satellite you can still see some overcast near parts of the shoreline as we come in tighter closer to month ray and santa cruz will move the map up to north. we'll show you some overcast, lots of clear skies just a little bit of haze inland toward concord and liver moore. as far as forecast headlines for today we do have this, clearing skies near the coast, tomorrow will be a little bit warmer.
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temperatures inland will be approaching 90s. this weekend increase in high clouds especially for sunday we do cool things off into sunday. here is a look at some of the current numbers just updated and some 70s to report out toward fair field concord, these neighborhoods remember a few days ago about 90 degrees 12:00 hour sure sign of the cool down. san francisco only 59. san jose 73 degrees. inland spots near 90 degrees. we look to the south now there is a tropical storm, a weakening tropical storm hector. we're not worried about the eventual track of this, the high clouds associated with this, the moisture will be moving into the state for friday and into sat as a result we bump up the cloud. it will be humid out there and there's a slight chance of isolated thunderstorm fairing the higher terrain. that's not in the forecast just yet but seasoning we'll be watching out for. here is a our forecast model you'll see the high clouds moving into the region and
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friday generated showers out. we'll pick up at least a quite of bit cloud cover and chance of nicely thunderstorms, at least a slight chance we're watching out for that. temperatures in afternoon range frog the low 60s coast side. warmest location inland. san jose right around 84. and look ahead your 5-day forecast weekend always in view, a touch warmer for your thursday then we do cool things off beginning friday. we beef up the cloud cover friday and saturday and then we're going to cool things off even more so cloudy second half of the weekend for sunday and into monday. it is nice to have some relief from that major heat, remember just 5 days an triple digit temperatures. >> just a little bit. >> i'm work on it for you. >> or sweater. >> all right. >> smart. >> well the panel nationals are going to play in the little league world series tomorrow at noon. these photos from pennsylvania where the world series is being
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played. they're doing to represent northern california against the squad from new england. will beat out hawaii at the regional tournament and fund- raisers are being held to cover the player's family travel expenses. boulevard sentiment will be showing the big game on the big screen for $15 a ticket. well, ahead an act of animal cruelty that has angered some people in the bay area. also, they're making a big time come back. why so many auto dealerships are re-opened. [ thunder crashes ]
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well, car dealerships they're making a turn around. there were big declines of number of dealerships in recession, new report shows an increase last year. according to urban science d 10 31 new dealerships california added the most. and back to -- couple is offering a 500-dollar reward in act of animal cruelty on a peak. that have a flock of about 60 peacocks and on sunday or arrow
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sticking out of its chest. so we've been trying to catch the bird to remove the arrow they're having a tough time getting near her. anyone with any information who can be responsible is asked to call the sheriff's department. well street lights are causing controversy. a dozen lights installed there last month. people say those new lights aren't very attractive. in fact there are were so many complaints pg&e stopped the project early even though they had 14 lights left to install. >> they're not -- the very fact they look like they would light wal-mart marking lot and we're having a meeting on the 27th 27th to discuss the issue with pg&e and public works and hopefully we'll resolve it to everyone's sat faction. >> a county supervisor said install more decorative lights somehow the project may have gotten mixed up. as we told you at the top of the area, san francisco giants player malcom has been suspended from 50 games and that session is effective
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immediately for testosterone use. we asked ktvu crews on the way to the giants' game and about the dramatic news. we are going to have an update for you on channel 2 news at 5:00. well, thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we're always here for you on and mobile have a great day. thanks for joining us.
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